Baby Care Non-Toxic Footprint Baby Souvenirs Newborn

Features :

  • Great commemorative gifts for parents to record their children’s growth.
  • Material technology: high tech anti-cross infection, disposable pad.
  • Baby hands don’t need to contact the ink and can obtain clear footprint, without any security risks.
  • No pollution; use special production process, leaving clear, real and long-term preservation. 
  • Effective prevention of lead and chemical stimuli and prevention of cross-infection of the virus.

" Footprint Baby "

$ 7.99 / $ 12.99

Give The Best For Your Baby

Footprint Baby makes a great reminder for parents to keep track of their children’s growth. Make memories for your children when they grow up.


  • Size : Within the frame size 9.5*5.7 cm overall size 12.5*8 cm (0-6 months baby)
  • Material : Stamp-pad ink
  • Color : 6 Colors Available
  • Quantity : 1 printing oil + 2 sheets of paper
  • Item : Baby Hand & Footprint Makers

6 Colors Available

Keep The Hand & Foot Prints Out of The Light

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" Footprint Baby "

$ 7.99 / $ 12.99

NOTE: This item comes without a retail box.

Notes: If there is a little smell, it’s normal for silicone. No safety problem, you could place for a period of time, then smell could go away



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